Texas Licence To Carry (LTC) Course

CHL / LTC Class Curriculum

[one_half][fancy_header3 variation=”deepblue”]Purpose[/fancy_header3]
This class provides the required Texas Department of Public Safety (TxDPS) classroom training and firearm qualification testing students need to obtain a Texas Concealed Handgun License (CHL) now called License To Carry (LTC).

[fancy_header3 variation=”deepblue”]Class Duration[/fancy_header3]
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  • 4 to 6 hours


[one_half_last][fancy_header3 variation=”deepblue”]Class Objective[/fancy_header3]
To train and qualify students to receive approval for a Texas Concealed Handgun License permit. Upon completion of the course, students will receive the following materials required to submit their application:
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  • Instruction certification for completed classroom curriculum, and firearm qualification testing.
  • TxDPS CHL Application


[fancy_header3 variation=”deepblue”]Class Prerequisite[/fancy_header3]
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  • Basic proficiency with a handgun. Must be able to demonstrate proficiency


If you are not proficient we offer a private 2-hour course guaranteed to improve accuracy, pistol safe handling fundamentals, builds confidence, demonstrates tips/high scoring techniques. This class is very popular as it is offered separate and apart from the LTC course. LTC classes are not intended to train students how to shoot a firearm, hence the 2-hour private training class. The qualification test portion of the course is required by the State of Texas to demonstrate your ability to safely and properly handle and shoot a handgun.

[fancy_header3 variation=”deepblue”]Mandatory Range Equipment to Qualify[/fancy_header3]
Come range ready with:
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  • Semi-automatic handgun or revolver (unloaded and in a box) of at least .32 caliber in good repair and have no modifications that will make the handgun less safe. STUDENTS ARE NOT PERMITTED TO BRING WEAPON or AMMUNITION into the CLASSROOM. LEAVE IT IN YOUR VEHICLE.
  • Baseball Cap
  • Safety Glasses Can Be Provided
  • Covered Ear Protection Can Be Provided
  • Footwear that covers entire feet. No slippers or slide-ons
  • One box of 50 round ammunition (target ammo brass suggested)

NO RELOADED, HAND LOADED, or SURPLUS AMMUNITION ALLOWED. Use commercial grade ammunition only.
** You may qualify with either a revolver or a semi-auto pistol.

[fancy_header3 variation=”deepblue”]Range Qualification Test Requirements (as dictated by the TxDPS)[/fancy_header3]
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  • Total of 50 rounds fired at a B-27 target (45″ high x 24″ wide)
  • Score of 175 out of 250 possible points (70 percentile) required to pass
  • Shooting stance from the ready position where firearm is already in a position to fire
  • Scoring:


3 Yard Line – 20 Rounds 7 Yard Line – 20 Rounds 15 Yard Line – 10 Rounds
1 round in 2 seconds, 5x’s (5 rounds total) 5 rounds in 10 seconds, 1x (5 rounds total) 2 rounds in 6 seconds, 1x (2 rounds total)
2 rounds in 3 seconds, 5x’s (10 rounds total) 2 rounds in 4 seconds, 1x (2 rounds total) 3 rounds in 9 seconds, 1x (3 rounds total)
5 rounds in 10 seconds, 1x (5 rounds total) 3 rounds in 6 seconds, 1x (3 rounds total) 5 rounds in 15 seconds, 1x (5 rounds total)
1 round in 3 seconds, 5x’s (5 rounds total)
5 rounds in 15 seconds, 1x (5 rounds total)