Children’s Self-Defense Group Class

Children’s Self-Defense and Awareness Strategy Group Class

[fancy_header3 variation=”deepblue”]Pre-K to 12yoa and 13yoa and above[/fancy_header3]

Children will learn simple but vital techniques to fight off, avoid and escape from, and/or defend against predators, assailants, bullies, etc.  Our curriculum is hands-on and active participative training which emphasizes the following:
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  • Verbal skills; using your strong voice to diffuse the situation
  • Setting boundaries with confident body language
  • Attracting attention to solicit help
  • Group safety
  • Calm confidence

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  • Focus on Flight, not Fight (escape and avoid)
  • Striking, kneeing, and stomping techniques
  • Trusting your gut
  • Getting away to safety
  • F2R (1st to report)


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