National Training Academy

[dropcap2 textColor=”#f8d98a”]E[/dropcap2]xecProtect Worldwide National Training Academy (EPW Academy) is licensed through the Texas Department of Public Safety, under license #F01265, to train private security officers, armed uniformed security officers, and plain-clothes armed personal protection officers. ExecProtect Worldwide, Inc. is licensed through the Texas Department of Public Safety, under license #C17543, as a private security and investigations consulting company.

As the Chief Training Officer, John Savage’s credentials are as follows:
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  • B.S. Public Affairs/Administration of Justice
  • M.S. Psychology
  • M.A Sociology/Criminology
  • Certified Mediator, State of Texas
  • Licensed Texas Private Investigator (criminal and civil)
  • Graduate of the Houston Police Academy
  • Graduate of the FBI National Academy, Quantico, Virginia
  • 35 years of law enforcement experience, U.S. Air Force and Houston Police Department
  • Supervisor of special operations teams at Houston Police Department
  • Managed security operations for visiting presidents, governors, and other dignitaries for Houston Police Department
  • Served as Chief of Staff for Chief of Police, Houston Police Department
  • Instructor of active shooter and counterterrorism strategies at university level
  • Served as Chief of Security for Lakewood Church and Joel Osteen ministries
  • Licensed firearms instructor and private security instructor



Professional Training (Courses and Fees)


Course Name Fee
Workplace Violence $125
Sexual Harassment $125
Children’s Self-Defense and Awareness Strategy Group Class (click here to complete request form) Pre-K to 12yoa and 13yoa and above 1 – 4 students $125Each additional student $25
Level II State Approved Private Security Training (Department of Public Safety) $125
Level III, State Commissioned Private Security Officer Training (Department of Public Safety) $285
Level IV, Personal Protection Officer, PPO Training (Department of Public Safety) $300
Requalification Course: Level III $125
Requalification Course: Level IV $125
OC – Pepper Spray Training $125
Baton Training $125
Report Writing $150
Dry Fire Pistol Training course: Precision and Handgun Accuracy under Duress $175
License To Carry (LTC) Course (Formerly Concealed Handgun License – CHL) $125
Use of Force Continuum Training/Handling Violent Encounters $150
Active Shooter and Active Assailant Scenario Training (Students must demonstrate proficiency after training to receive Certificate of Course Completion) $325
Crisis Intervention and Interaction with First Responders $125
Non-Violent dispute Resolution/Mediation Skills Training Exercises (Written and Table Top) $250
Advance Weapons/Firearms Training $325
Proper Storage and Handgun Safety (focusing on preventing injury and accidental discharges) $125
Enter and Outer Perimeter Safeguards – Denying and/or Preventing entry onto facility or into classrooms. Maintaining and securing Safe Rooms $200


All courses will be taught by licensed instructors through our State of Texas approved training school—EPW National Training Academy (F01265). High quality Certificates of Course Completion will be issued following each course.

Note: Pricing does not include pistol qualification gun range fees, targets, ammo or MMPI fees. However, we are very fortunate to have special gun range fees and very low MMPI psychologist reduced fees. (MMPI pertains to Level IV only)

Note: Some courses require minimum class participation to schedule a class.